Forum Antique restoration in Dorset

French Polishing

All French Polishing is done by hand. We carefully clean and prepare the surface to be polished, remove any unsightly marks including black marks, white marks and stains. We can repair burns, replace any missing veneers or patch solid wood.

All our stains are made by hand in the workshop using traditional products. If the finish is badly damaged, we can carefully wash off the old finish and in some cases strip the finish off prior to refinishing.

French polishing work can be done on site but is rarely finishind in one visit. The process of building up the finish requires time for the shellac to dry, so the furniture usually has to be taken back to the workshop.

Forum Restoration in Dorset. Unrestored
Forum Restoration in Dorset. Restored

Wax Polishing

Not all furniture requires stripping and repolishing. Many pieces of furniture only need to be cleaned and waxed to bring back their finish.

Wax polishing work can be done in one day and does not require further visits. Minor damaged furniture which may have burns or marks can be repaired and then polished only in the damaged area.

We take great care to preserve the original finish.