Forum Antique restoration in Dorset

Lacquer finishing

When you require a hardwearing finish for furniture that has a lot of use, including interior doors, panelling, chairs and tables, then you may require a hardwearing lacquer finish.

When colouring wood to show it's true beauty before lacquering, we use the same traditional staining methods in french polishing. No stains are added to the lacquer.

Forum Restoration in Dorset

The lacquer comes in a varity of gloss levels, from a natural matt finish, a satin finish, semi gloss to a full gloss finish.

Colours are also available using RAL colour coding.

All lacquers are sprayed onto the furniture using compressed air and airless systems.

We provide lacquers suitable for all types of furniture, doors and car interiors.

We also undertake some repair services for lacquered furniture.

Please contact us for more information regarding our hardwearing 2 pack lacquer finishes.